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Top Ten Things to Know & Do Within 10 Days of Your Drunk Driving Arrest
10 If you need to save your driver's license you or your attorney must usually notify the drivers license bureau immediately!
9 You must notify the licensing bureau in writing and have a receipt of delivery, even by fax if necessary. If time is running out or you are late, contact an attorney ASAP.
8 Don't rely on a telephone call alone. It is well known that when the employee tells you, "you'll be contacted later", something will go wrong.
7 Even if you did not receive a temporary license paper from the officer, the licensing bureau will probably take action against your driving privileges immediately (out-of-staters too!). Check with some lawyers.
6 Even if you have a license from another state, and even if the officer did not take your license, your state may also take action against your driving privileges. Now there is communication by most all state computers, and this sharing of information has made things difficult for the convicted drinking driver.
5 TEMPORARY DRIVER LICENSE's are only valid for the time listed on the paper license. If you did not receive this paper, go to the officer's supervisor and ask to have this issue explained and clarified.
4 Do not confuse this page's license issue with with your court date! The biggest trick among the states is to punish you both by taking your license and then punishing you again in court. And, they say this isn't what's happening! Can you believe it?
3 There are Constitutional Rights issues at most hearings if you completed a chemical test. If you refused, this fact will be used against you to show your guilt. Usually you must explain refusals completely to win. Don't try this alone though, hearing officer's are trained to cross-examine you.
2 The government has the burden of proof to prevail on all issues, or refusal matters. If the government meets the burden of proof on only part of the issues, you win. Its the law!
1 All your attorney has to do is knock out one issue to save your license & you avoid the harsh civil penalties now being collected by licensing bureaus in many states! Of course, the strategy to win is between you and your lawyer ... Check our directory for one near you!

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